Soulmates Barefoot Shoes

Soulmates Natural Footwear

What are we here for if not for pilgrimage on beautiful roads .. of the Great Self ?

Can you remember ? The Way home .. it is in your own being.

Don`t move too fast. If you want to reach your goals quickly, take time.

Breath .. be here .. feel the earth beneath your feet .. feel the infinite space <3

Natural Footwear orients to the actual requirements of the feet in terms of space , functionality and awareness.

Oftentimes coneventional footwear restricts the feet    ,disconnects them from the earth and disturb their natural performance. In long term feet can experience deformation aswell as a loss of function, sensitivy and strength.

In natural shoes the toes have the freedom they require. There is no artificial arch that weakens the feet muscles by replacing their function. Also there is no elevated heel which can disturb the alignment of the whole body posture

The Adventages of the Soulmates Barefootwear

  • Freedom for the toes - The natural foot shape is respected

  • Super light weight : between 75 and 100 gramms per shoe

  • No elevated heel - Body posture stays intact

  • No artificial arches - Feet muscles are trained naturally

  • Flexible Sole - The movement is fluid and not choppy

  • Soles of the feet are stimulated while walking - Massage of reflexology zones has a benefit for the inner organs and well-being

  • It is possible to feel the ground instead of being isolated from the earth on a sensory level

  • Adaptation to individual needs and personal customization

  • Maintanance and repair for a fair price

The feet affect the whole organism. Not only in a biomechanical way but also in terms of electrical charge, sensation and awareness.

The Feet are the opposite pole of the head. In the age of informational overload and overstimulation of the senses it is good to stay grounded. Natural footwear can be a support in that.

LebensRaum offers also shoes that ground the body electrically. By this , the body is able to find a neutral charge as it happens also when we walk barefeet. To know more about grounding, see the works of

Clint Ober : Earthing

Conventional shoes of the past decades have led to the disconnection from the earth on the levels of biomechanics , sensitiviy , electricity and awareness.

Our shoes are created by hand in Black Forest, Germany. They are a support to reconnect to the earth and space for a natural pace in Life.

Check out the current models here :

Determination of the right size :

Via mold (by post)  or a drawing of the feet that you scan and you send to us.

The easiest way is to measure the foot length / width in cm. (click on the image on the right)