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Craniosacral Biodynamics und Natural ways to Health

  FreiRaum (FreeSpace) is an invitation to experience the inherent wholeness and order embedded into Life. The individual sessions relate to the whole human being as a physical and spiritual being. The natural healing force and the intelligence of life are always present. In respective to our life situation and Awareness they can be veiled but they are never lost. It is up to us , if we are aware about them or not. Biodynamics and Vortex Healing are paths to remember the inherent intelligence of Life and to allow its expression in our individual and universal experience.

Holistic Health

.. goes beyond the fight against sympoms of disease. In this perspective we look at the wholeness of Life and the Indiviual in its actual life path situation. Signals of the body and psyche are not surpressed but listened to as ways of communication. From there the natural unfoldment of our being can be allowed. It is just a choice to live in  wholeness.

   Craniosacral Biodynamics

.. works with the forces of Life that create the human body and assist with the maintenance and regeneration of it. The healing power of the Breath of Life appears in a craniosacral session and reveals its regulating and soothing effect on our whole being. The inherent wholeness and health , that is always present is remembered in a biodynamic session.

Vortex Healing (r)

.. is a path to the original state of being , that is aligned with the truth and love of the essential

reality. We get in touch with the creative source of Life. Vortex Divine Energy Healing works on harmonising our unique and individual conditioning and expression. Furthermore it facilitates waking up to the true essence of our unconditioned universal being.

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Anfahrt & Parken

Die Praxis liegt direkt gegenüber des Rathauses in Bühl. Parkmöglichkeit ist der Cityparkplatz, den Sie über die Hauptstraße

und über die Bühlertalstraße erreichen.

Hausbesuche sind möglich.


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