Craniosacral Biodynamics 

                       Remembering Wholeness



Natural Footwear -

Orgone und Grounding Products

                   Handmade in Black Forest, Germany


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Craniosacral Biodynamics und Natural ways to Health

  FreiRaum (FreeSpace) is an invitation to experience the inherent wholeness and order embedded into Life. The individual sessions relate to the whole human being as a physical and spiritual being. The natural healing force and the intelligence of life are always present. In respective to our life situation and Awareness they can be veiled but they are never lost. It is up to us , if we are aware about them or not. Craniosacral Biodynamics is a way to remember the inherent intelligence of Life and to allow its expression in our individual and universal experience.

Orgone and Grounding to vitalize the body-mind and increase Lifeenergy

LebensRaum (LivingSpace) offers Natural Footwear ,  Orgone-  and Grounding Materials to support health and wellbeing with simple technologies that are as close to nature processes as possible.

The products are made by hand in the Black Forest in Germany.

Natural Footwear / Barefoot shoes have the advantage that the foot and toes have enough space so that there are no restrictions. The soles of barefoot shoes have no heel elevation or artificial arch. Thus, the foot muscles and ligaments are strengthened in a natural way. The connection to the earth is much more present with barefoot shoes. This has benefits for the whole organism on several levels.

The orgonomic research of Wilhelm Reich has brought tools to increase the lifeenergy of the organism, the vitality of the blood , the immunity and more. Orgon was the term Reich introduced into western medicine as the word for Life Energy know as Prana or Qi from other healing traditions.

Conscious Grounding is a way to physically ground the body by walking barefeet in nature on the ground or using Grounding Tools at home to connect to the ground of the electric circuit of the house. The body is balances the body voltage in physical contact with the earth and takes in useful electrons that serve as antioxidants. The grounding has an overall effect on the health. The products allow to be grounded also in winter times and in the comfort of your home.

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 The remarkable science of grounding

Soulmates SecondSkins - The minimalistic barefoot shoes by LebensRaum :

Holistic Health

.. goes beyond the fight against sympoms of disease. In this perspective we look at the wholeness of Life and the Individual in its actual life path situation. Signals of the body and psyche are not surpressed but listened to as ways of communication. From there the natural unfoldment of the being can be allowed.

   Craniosacral Biodynamics

.. works with the forces of Life that create the human body and assist with the maintenance and regeneration of it. The healing power of the Breath of Life appears in a craniosacral session and reveals its regulating and soothing effect on our whole being. The inherent wholeness and health , that is always present is remembered in a biodynamic session.


.. offers products to connect to the natural energies of life that surround us. Natural footwear is giving your feet the space they require. The way grounded barefeet shoes are build allows the reconnection with the earth. This strengthens body and mind aswell as the ability to be present.

Orgone Blankets and Pillows with cotton and steelwool layers vitalize the blood and release blockages in the organism.

Handmade in Germany